To the Investor

Investor Benefits

Development-oriented financing

The Government of La Pampa has a wide range of loans for all productive sectors and production support services. hey are granted through provincial funds, with provincial funds through Banco de La Pampa and through the Federal Investment Council.Banco de La Pampa y a través del Consejo Federal de Inversiones. Likewise, a Financial Complementation Framework Agreement is maintained with Banco de La Pampa SEM that reaches all sectors of the economy, through which different lines are offered that are processed and granted through said bank and where the Province subsidizes certain interest rate points.

Fiscal incentives

We have a Fiscal Incentive program:

Less tax pressure.

Use of fiscal credit.

Benefits for 10 years.

Free Trade Zone

The General Pico Free Trade Zone  is strategically located in the center of the country, the equidistance between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, added to the proximity to the ports of Bahía Blanca and Buenos Aires, provide an outlet for all cargo that transits from maritime way. In this way, it facilitates their entry into the main markets and also shortens their supply lines. In turn, it has an international cargo airport with all services and 24-hour security.

Invest in La Pampa

One of the fundamental pillars of the I-COMEX La Pampa Agency is to accompany and advise entrepreneurs who undertake investment projects in the province.

It will serve as an access point for local and international investors interested in consolidating in the province, positioning itself as a benchmark institution for provincial development and being the articulator and enhancer of relationships and projects between the private and public sectors. 

Among the investment actions carried out by the Agency, the main ones are:

To Promote La Pampa as an investment destination, detecting opportunities and promoting sectors with potential.

To assist the investors in their processes of investment in the province by providing key information to develop their businesses, simplifying processes and bureaucratic requirements, and acting as a bridge with different Estate areas for this road to be efficient.

To link with the Bank of La Pampa for financial support.

To arrange assistance programs, and technical and economical cooperation for the access to financial sources.

To provide training programs in business paperwork, project evaluation and economical studies that allow to improve the development of local companies.

To act as a connection between the public provincial sector and the private sector by coordinating actions that facilitate the agreements between them to identify and implement investment projects of mutual convenience.

Consolidated sectors

La Pampa counts with a diversified productive scheme, which is developed according to the advantages and resources of each of its regions and that present investment opportunities. One of the main economic activities are the agricultural and cattle industry, though the province also shows an advanced development in strategic sectors already consolidated in the provincial economic structure as they are agro-industry, beekeeping, minig, hydrocarbon, hunting activity and tourism.

Potential sectors

The province has sectors that possess a great development potential in the region, where in some cases their development is emerging, while others are in their height. Some of them are the energetic sector, the communications, the economy based in knowledge with a strong presence of the technological industry through the Technological terminal, areas under risk through the Water Exploitation System of Colorado River and the development of the vineyard activity with a great attraction of wineries in the area.

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