Exportable offer of La Pampa

Do you have a company that exports or is it on the way to internationalization?

Be part of the La Pampa Exportable Offer

What is La Pampa’s Exportable Offer?

It is a program of the I-COMEX La Pampa Agency whose main objective is to promote the products and services of the companies of the Province of La Pampa in international markets.

It is an instrument that we make available to companies that seek to position themselves and consolidate by making their offer known to the world.

For potential clients from foreign markets it is a tool that allows them to consult about the products or services that our Province offers to the world.

It consists of a Platform within our website that contains an interactive database with commercial information on sectors, companies, products, tariff positions and contact details of companies from the Pampas that regularly export and companies that are on the way to internationalization. At this moment we are in the survey stage, this platform will be available at the end of this instance.

What is it useful for the company to be part of the Board of Directors?

If you are a company that produces within the province of La Pampa and you are exporting or on the way to internationalization through this program, you can promote your products abroad, being part of a directory of exporters that is available to importers of all the world.

This platform will allow the information to be viewed in Spanish, English and Portuguese and through an intelligent search engine access to the necessary data is facilitated so that potential importers can find in an agile and simple way the products or services offered by the producers of goods and Pampean services.

It will also allow that through a simple “Contact Form” the potential client can connect directly with your company.

How does a company become part of the La Pampa Exportable Offer?

Any company located in the Province of La Pampa, which permanently or occasionally exports goods or services, or has the potential to do so, can register for free.

If you want to be part of or have any concerns, you can contact the Department of Foreign Trade of the I-COMEX La Pampa Agency where we will accompany you in the process to the mail comex@icomexlapampa.org

The world demands our products, let us accompany you in the internationalization process of your company. Let's do business without borders together.

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