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International trade

The COMEX area is another of the fundamental cores of the Agency, whose principal purpose is to foment international trade projects from this province to the rest of the world, by establishing cooperation and trade connections, planning trade promotions and generating technical and commercial information. To do so, the next actions will we developed:

– To design, coordinate and manage programs related to the internalization of Pampean companies.

– To promote and facilitate the development of international trade of the province of La Pampa.

– To strengthen the exporter culture.

– To connect with public and private institutions of La Pampa, Argentina and the world in search for a continuous improvement. 

– To manage searching the best market options for the Pampean products.

– To create international business opportunities by accompanying and propelling Pampean companies through Commercial Missions to the world:

Business meetings

Inverse Commercial Missions

Presence in International Fairs

Commercial agendas

From La Pampa to the World

Customs and Free trade zone

The province of La Pampa has its Customs located in the Free trade zone of General Pico that allows its users a greater agility when it comes to carry out their different export and and import operations.

It possesses a fiscal and customs special regime, consisting of the exemption of customs’ rights, local and national taxes, rates and town property taxes, currently existing or to be created.

Also, related to the departure of goods towards other countries that are not affected by the export rights or the international supplies import rights, the company only pays the rights corresponding to the national parts. This is another benefit for the already settled companies.

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