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La Pampa Agency of Investments and International Trade

La Pampa Agency of Investments and International Trade is a non Governmental Organization integrated by relevant actors from the Pampean economy, some of them being representatives from the private sector, the public provincial sector and the Bank of La Pampa.

Their compromise is to position the Pampean products in the world and offer the human, productive and natural potential of the province to its investors. It forms a place of public-private relationship referring the province to the investors that contribute to development, officiating as entrance to those companies that wish to invest or buy local products.


The Agency has as objective to foment the Pampean exports and investments in our territory. The goal is to position the province of La Pampa by identifying opportunities, relevances and conveniences of investment that the provincial economy offers, and their promotion in the country and the world.
It pretends to attract investments to La Pampa, through the generation of strategic information and the advice to investors, by supplying tools and specialized services that allow them to specify their actions in our province.
It encourages the development of international trade, as well as growth and strength of local companies through programs and specific training that allow the expansion, the business consolidation and the access to the Pymes to the international markets.  

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